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Unlock Your Cycling Potential

We believe every cyclist has untapped potential.

To help you, we have built a proven process that systematically delivers dramatic gains. Every time. 

RocketBike combines cutting edge testing, in depth education, predictive modeling, customized 12-week plans
and plenty of hard work, all fueled by a motivated group of athletes.

This simple, powerful combination will take your fitness to the next level. 

SESSION 7.0 STARTS 01/31/22

NewTest $399 / $249 sale through 1/31

RB New = Test + Report + 30′ Call + DIY Course
+ Workout Library + Q & A

NewTest PLUS $549 / $449 sale through 1/31

RBNew PLUS = “NewTest” option plus a 12-week custom plan integrated with your Final Surge workouts

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What is Rocket Bike?

Rocket Bike is an accelerator designed to unlock your cycling potential.
Your experience includes testing, education, workouts, and group training.
The personalized training is modular enough to fit into your existing training or it function as a standalone entire plan.
The program is designed to challenge and motivate you to new levels of fitness. 

Race Everything on Two Wheels

For cyclists

Identify critical areas for growth to improve your power profile, workout ROI and race day results. 

For Triathletes

Pinpoint your optimal race day watts and critical pre-race workouts. Outline a fueling plan to setup your strongest run.

For off-Road

Build that all day engine with spare watts to punch it over the top of a loose climb & sprint to the end. 

I really liked looking at data other than FTP and Vo2 and gaining an understanding of how to improve my bike. I never could have developed the 12-week plan on my own.

Brian Hagan, Session One

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the rocket bike difference

building your rocket bike

two power tests
zwift only

Two separate custom workout files walk you through the testing to capture your power.

fitness projection
inscyd software

Model impacts of fitness changes based on your priorites to target specific outcomes.

energy utilization
lactate, carbs and fat

Learn how your body works at the metaboilc level to create and sustain power over time.

one on one coaching
online and in-game

Gain critical insights and knowledge through coach conversations during your 16 weeks journey.

Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 20.43.26

Customized Plan
twelve weeks

Using your season goals we create a plan to target the right zones and fitness outcomes.

online community
your rocket squad

Training alongside a growing alumni community with support and accountability.

workout library
120+ files

Download and use our extensive digital library of Rocket workouts as you follow your plan.

hands on energy

Network and connect with your peers for advice, motivation and inspiration as you build your rocket.

How does Rocket Bike work?

It all starts with a functional cycling test to capture your data. Combined with a survey, we integrate all this information to determine your complete cycling profile.`

Using your profile and season goals, we create fitness projection and a custom 12-week plan to maximize your gains. 

You will become smarter and stronger thanks to our online course, weekly coach Q&A,  120+  workouts, and optional group online training opportunities. 

At the end of your RocketBike experience join our Alumni Program. There you can continue to train, learn from our resource area, and enjoy insider discounts for the remainder of the year.



our graduates

“I learned about my personal bike strengths and weaknesses, nutritional limiters for long course planning, and how to specifically use Zwift as a specific training tool.”
John Culberson
session 1
“This gets away from 'one size fits all' type of training. The data & information you get is very educational, insightful, immediately useful, and specific to the individual.'
Derrek Sanks
Session 3
Patrick & Matt demystify the science and create a fun & interactive experience – and having some insider knowledge to racing in Zwift is an added bonus.”
Ross Randolph
session 2

your rocket. In Four stages.

Positive Reviews
Current Graduates
custom zwift workouts
Threshold Watts Gained


🚀 Rocket Bike is not a camp.

🚀 It isn’t just a course.

🚀 It’s more than just a high performance group.

🚀 It’s definitely not some boring plan.

It’s the best of ALL those things.

Smarter Testing + Peer Athlete + Custom Workouts + Online Course

Out of This World Results

Option 1: REady? Request the FREE Test

That’s right, the test is free. Simply complete this form to get a download link for the testing files (for Zwift, these are .ZWO files).

We’ll schedule a call to deliver the file to you and pass along all of the relevant instructions so you do the test right, the first time! 

Once you submit the data and we confirm it’s good, you can proceed to apply for the next session of RocketBike.

SESSION 7.0 STARTS 01/31/22

NewTest $399 / $249 sale through 1/31

RB New = Test + Report + 30′ Call + DIY Course
+ Workout Library + Q & A

NewTest PLUS $549 / $449 sale through 1/31

RBNew PLUS = “NewTest” option plus a 12-week custom plan integrated with your Final Surge workouts

The Team

Patrick McCrann

chief endorphin officer


Matthew Limbert

Chief data demon


The Llama

Chief motivational officer


get ready for blast off!